Talking Tech

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High growth and oftentimes high risk, recurring funding rounds and cutting-edge, highly specialized innovations: the technology sector has always been dynamic and exciting. In the current market environment, there is extra scrutiny on tech companies and those that fund them. At the same time, technology is crucial for the future viability of our economy.

So there is a special need for and interest in communications of these players – and we want to understand what that implies. To shed light on the role of a communicator in both (deep)tech companies and Venture Capital funds, we are asking: what makes this sector so special, what does it take to explain complex technology, how do you manage expectations and risks and what has changed in the role of a tech spokesperson when the market is facing challenging times like these?

We’re looking forward to discussing these and more questions with Elisheva Marcus (VP Communications at Earlybird Venture Capital), Catherine Treyz (Head of Communications & Platform at Cherry Ventures), as well as Tina Schmitt (Communications and Brand Manager at Isar Aerospace), in a panel moderated by Susanne Arnold (Director at FGS Global).

Please note that the session will be held in English; any of your questions and comments can of course also be in German.

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